ICM update: Search feature and links to individual questions available in document

Dear Delegates

We hope you are all well. We wanted to share with you the following:

1) The App and the website now house the document that has been broken down to each question. So you can click on the desired question and it will take you to the relevant document

2) We have also implemented a search function that will allow you to search your desired question and get to the document faster

3) The document has been translated to Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Ukrainian, Persian, and Japanese. The translations will be or already housed on the App and the website. More translations are on the way.

4) The App usage is approaching 10,000 users. Please speared the word and have people download the App.

5) please feel free to tell us how to improve the App and/or website. Please also feel free to propose a paper of the week whenever you wish