International Consensus Meeting (ICM) Traveling Fellowship in Orthopedic Infections

International Consensus Meeting (ICM) Traveling Fellowship in Orthopedic Infections

Description of Program

The International Consensus Meeting on Infection Fellowship provides the approved applicant with the unparalleled opportunity to explore their interests in management of musculoskeletal infections by conducting basic-science and/or clinical research with mentors Dr. Javad Parvizi and Dr. Thorsten Gehrke.

We are seeking applications for the one-year ICM traveling fellowship. The candidates must be 40-years of age or younger with interest in Orthopedic infections. Having either an MD or a PhD degree is desirable. We will accept Ph.D. or M.D. students as well.

The one (1) year fellowship may be spent at the Rothman Institute in Philadelphia, USA, or at the Helios ENDO-Klinik in Hamburg, Germany. Candidates may also split the fellowship to spend six months in each institution. During the fellowship, the candidate is expected to engage in translational research and/or basic science research. Both institutions house massive databases and treat a large number of patients with orthopedic infections. A laboratory facility is also available for the conduct of basic science research, if desired. The objective of fellowship is to generate evidence and data for areas in need of research as identified by the ICM.

A stipend and assistance with obtaining a visa, if needed, will be provided.

Applicant Requirements

Proficient in English, written and spoken (English knowledge a minimum of B2)

Either an MD or PhD degree or eligible for either degree

Previous experience in the field of orthopedic infection – laboratory or clinical research is also desirable

Application Requirements

  1. Completed Application Form link
  2. CV or Resume
  3. Personal Statement (career goals, reason for interest in infection, etc.)
  4. Two (2) Letters of Recommendation

All items should be complied into one PDF file and sent to

Application Deadlines

The program will start in September 2021 at the applicants choice of institution (Helios ENDO-Klinik Hamburg in Hamburg, Germany or Rothman Institute in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States of America)

Application Deadline April 1, 2021

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