Can short term (two weeks or less) antibiotic treatment be considered following resection arthroplasty for chronic periprosthetic joint infections (PJIs)?

Authors: Henk Eijer, Brian de Beaubien, Ian Stockley, Adam Kratky, Bernard Kessler, Kimberly E. Martin, Chris Ferry, Michael J. Petrie, Kerri Bell
RECOMMENDATION: Yes. Following an aggressive debridement and insertion of an antibiotic-loaded cement spacer (ALCS) or beads, a shortterm course of less than two weeks of systemic antibiotic therapy can be considered. Several studies show promising results with infection eradication rates comparable to when a much longer course of antibiotic treatment is used.
DELEGATE VOTE: Agree: 64%, Disagree: 32% Abstain: 4% (Super Majority, Weak Consensus)