What are the indications for the use of non-articulating vs. articulating spacers during resection arthroplasty of the hip or knee?

Authors: Matt hew Abdel, Nemandra A. Sandiford, D.O. Kendoff , M.E. Tibbo, A.K.Limberg
RECOMMENDATION: Articulating spacers appear to provide bett er range of motion and less functional limitations to the patients undergoing resection arthroplasty and should be used whenever possible. The indications for the use of non-articulating spacers during resection arthroplasty include patients with major bone loss, lack of ligamentous integrity (knee) or abductor mechanism (hip) that places these patients at
elevated risk for dislocation or periprosthetic fracture and patients who have major soft tissue defects in whom motion is protected to allow better wound healing.
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